English Covid-19 messages aimed at remote communities

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Here is some English text we worked from which you might find useful:

What does the word ‘quarantine’ mean? It means you have to spend 14 days with no contact with others to wait to see if the virus shows up in you. It does not mean you have the virus, it just means that you have been somewhere where you may have got it – for Jabiru, this means you have come from interstate and is likely to include you if you have gone to Darwin or Katherine [or use another local centre]).

What does ‘self-isolate’ mean? It means you have the virus and you must stay away from all others until you are well again. You will not know if you have the virus unless you are tested. If you have it, you will not know you are well again until you are tested a few times and always come back negative. [explain the meanings of 'negative' and 'positive']

What does ‘lockdown’ mean? This means that everyone has to stay at their own home – outstation and not let others come in. This is the only proven way to control the spread of the virus and was used in China, South Korea and Taiwan where the virus has come under control. The only people who can still go anywhere are those working in the food shop, the clinic, the service station or at the power station or some essential service. In a ‘lockdown’ the school is closed, the clubs and shops are closed and all offices are closed. You use the phone to get what you need and don’t go anywhere.

We at [local organisation] expect that there will be a ‘lockdown’ in parts of Australia this week [or whenever].

It would be a very good idea for outstations/town camp in [wherever] to lockdown now. This means that you should stay on your outstation/town camp and call for anything you need to be brought to you. [Local organisations- name them] will be helping to have essential things to be delivered.

To lockdown properly and protect yourself, means not going to Darwin or Katherine [or wherever else is relevant for your area]. You will need to stay home for a very long time.

Ruth Singer